Some of the many accomplishments of Stephen Signore...

• Client receives acquittal after trial accused of throwing acid in the face of another person.

• Stephen M. Signore negotiates client's charge reduced from murder to manslaughter and prevents life in prison.

• One of the first attorneys in Schenectady County to conduct a hearing under the Schenectady Police Department's new video policy.

• After a client has altercation in the courtroom, Stephen Signore gets favorable disposition for client despite client's actions.

• Defendant's conviction after trial is overturned on appeal due to Stephen Signore's preservation of judge's error during trial.

• Stephen M. Signore keeps elected judge from going to jail on felony charge.

• Stephen M. Signore convinces the Judge in a trial to provide a positive disposition than that offered by the District Attorney's office.

• Attorney Signore gets elderly man accused of trying to kill his sister a misdemeanor and no jail or probation.

• Stephen M. Signore represents woman accused of felony assault on her new born child and gets her probation.